A Stepping Stone to the

Real World of Investing

An ideal platform to understand personal finance and learn how to build a portfolio before starting to invest in the real world.

Compete, Risk Free with

INR 1 crore in Virtual Money

Start with INR 1 crore and create your investment portfolio to achieve the given financial goals and Grow Your Money. Compete with thousands of investors.

What is the Finance GYM Game?

The Finance GYM game is an online interactive game, where you create & manage a virtual portfolio with real investment products to achieve the given financial goals and maximize your wealth. This game simulates real life situations in which you have to manage your portfolio of financial products.

The game is developed with Indian investors in mind and allows you to play with virtual money that can be allocated across different financial products such as mutual funds, insurance, bonds, fixed deposit and stocks.

By playing this game you will learn about the numerous factors that drive investment decisions, such as setting financial goals, portfolio allocation, different asset allocation strategies, contingency planning, and tax planning.